I bought (fitted) clubs in the Netherlands but already 2 golf teachers told me that the clubs where too long for me and some really way too long. So I googled for a club fitter in Estepona (since I live there) and found golf city, called them, explained my problem and the nice ladie made an appointment for me with Mario. We checked first paper wise what would be the correct length for me and based on that the irons were not that bad but when we checked in reality with my stands, doing the swing from a plastic board with a tape on my clubs, etc we found out that my irons where about 3-4cm too long and my rescue, wood and driver even till 11cm!! (probably some were even not shorted at all for me in the Netherlands, because Mario saw already immediately that some were even longer them men’s standard). So Mario checked everything and made a nice build up for lengths which should be correct for me (so here also he did not just do standard but based on my personal needs) and placed new grips. Since the shaft of the rescue, wood and driver is a bit thicker (because they are longer) he even stretched the grips a bit so in the end the feeling for me would be the same! Already the first day of practicing with the new sizes it showed much improvements in my swing since I didn’t have to compensate the length with my stands and body any more! Also my teacher saw immediately the improvement and was really happy with the result of the club fitting. I really can recommend Mario to everyone who needs a club fitter! Mario thank you so much! Thanks to you I can improve my swing and have less pain and tensions in my arms 😃