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Druids Golf

Druids Golf, founded in Kilkenny, Ireland, have produced garments with the same quality as the designer golf brands, but at 50% less than they sell for! Produced in the same factory as a major golf brand, using only the finest fabrics, and quality craftmanship associated with premium products, these garments really are of the highest quality, at a sensible price.You have to touch and feel the material to really appreciate how good they are! Call in and try on a polo shirt, and see for yourself!





2019 Spring/Summer Green Lamb Ladies clothing


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Golf Shoes


The best golf shoes deliver good stability with great comfort. Let Golf City Sports find you a shoe that gives you both.

Hundreds of pairs of men’s and ladies’ golf shoes that bring you an advantage on the course. Choose from spiked golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes or custom golf shoes for men in narrow, medium wide or extra wide widths.

If you’re a dew sweeper and play a lot of golf in the morning, opt for golf shoes that carry a two-year waterproof warranty. If you want to get the most wear possible out of your golf shoes, get a shoe constructed from high-quality leather for long-lasting comfort.

The perfect pair fits your personality as well as your feet. Choose from traditional saddle-style or sporty sneaker looks.

Select a shoe with the right fit. The wrong size leads to a decrease in power.

Find a shoe that gives you a thumb’s width between the top two eyelets of a laced shoe. More than a thumb’s width means the shoe is likely too small and too narrow. Less than a thumb’s width and the shoe is probably too big and wide.

More than half of people have different sized feet. For the majority, their bigger foot is their left foot. Don’t let it alarm you. In most cases, the difference in size is small enough it doesn’t require two different shoe sizes.

Browse the top shoe brands in golf – Skechers, Stuburt, Footjoy, Ecco, Adidas and more.






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