Golf Clubs for All Players

Golf City Sports offers a large selection of golf clubs for players of any skill.

Whether you’re looking for more distance off the tee, a lighter approach to the green or a smoother putting stroke, we’ve got the golf clubs for you.  Pick the driver, fairway wood, iron set, wedge or putter and start playing better today.

Package Sets (Ideal for beginners or as a second set)

We have package sets available for Men, Ladies & Juniors.

We stock most of the MacGregor golf range of package sets as they offer great value with exceptional quality.

If you are new to golf, or maybe need a second set to leave here in Spain, a package set is a cost effective way of buying clubs.The range we have for adults includes full and half sets, right and left hand, and Junior clubs come in three sizes to suit all ages.

Please call in and see for yourself the selection of sets we have on offer.We can advise on the different options available, and go through the benefits of each set.

The right golf clubs and make or break your game on the course. So select from the industry-leading golf club collection at Golf City Sports for equipment that’s right for your game.

Outfit your bag with all the essentials:

  • Golf drivers that help you launch it off the tee like never before.
  • Fairway woods that deliver the breakthrough distance and trajectory you need.
  • Irons for maximum playability.
  • Putters for pinpoint accuracy on the green.

Select from clubs designed for specific methods of play and characteristics on the field. New adjustability settings allow you to dial in your club for a more customized game.



Buy the Right Golf Clubs

Learn more about the clubs in your bag before making your selection:

  • Get the flight and distance you need off the tee with the right golf driver. Most modern drivers are adjustable for loft and face angle.This means that you can add or take away loft as and when you need to (Not on the course though!) Some are still available as fixed heads.Men’s lofts vary usually from 9 to 12 degrees.The slower your swing speed is, the more loft you need to launch the ball at the right angle, for maximum distance.    Ladies normally start at 12 degrees, up to 14.
  • Fairway woods have a higher loft than your driver, with a smaller profile that can be used from the tee for directional control to the fairway for better distance than a long iron. Lofts vary from around 14/15 degrees in a 3 wood, 19 for a 5 Wood, up to 21/22 in a 7 Wood.
  • Your irons are used for shots of less than 200 yards. Traditional iron sets are comprised of seven irons—From 5 through to Sand Wedge.. Choose from game improvement or player irons.
  • Hybrids are the transition club in your bag, moving you between woods and irons. They are easier to hit than a long iron, with a low profile, wide sole and lower center of gravity. Try substituting hybrids in place of your harder-to-hit irons.
  • Your Putter is available in blade, mallet and alignment clubhead designs. Three to four degrees of loft provides smooth roll and limited skidding.

Determine your ability level before selecting your clubs. Golfers are generally divided into three categories, based on ability levels: low handicap, mid handicap and high handicap. Your handicap is your performance against the par on a course, usually in relation to a par 72 course.

  • Low Handicap Golfers should opt for a driver and at least one fairway wood, most likely the 3-wood. These players can benefit from lower irons in their bag.
  • Mid Handicap Golfer might try a driver, a three-wood and a 5-wood for better control and consistency than harder-to-hit long irons. For irons, either 4 or 5 iron through to Sand Wedge.
  • High Handicap Golfers may opt to play with a lofted  driver in their bag (12 degrees). or maybe, try a 3-wood.