Golf Club Fitting

Performance is everything.  And the better you clubs fit, the better you play.  Golf Club Fitting from Golf City Sports’ Professional, Mario Luca, can improve your game.

Golf club fitting is always about tailoring the specifications of each golf club to its owner, so they best match the various swing characteristics of each different golfer.

Next time you head to the driving range when most of the hitting stations are in use, stop and look at the differences in how all the different golfers swing at the ball. Inside-out/square/outside-in swing path – fast/medium/slow swing speed – hitting down/swinging level/hitting up on the ball – forceful, aggressive to average to smooth, slower swing tempo – slice/straight/hook the ball – push/straight/pull the ball – early/midway and late release . . . And on and on.

The vast differences in how golfers swing at the ball all translate into a requirement for different golf club fitting specifications for the golfers. This is precisely why the golf industry’s typical business model to build their golf clubs to one series of standard specifications for most of the fitting specifications is so utterly flawed. It is why so many golfers buy golf clubs off the rack and never achieve all they can be as a golfer.

During a fitting session, we will check each of the following specifications:

  • Irons – Club length – Shaft material/Flex/Weight – Lie angle – Grip Size/Type – Set make up
  • Driver – Shaft length/Flex/Weight – Loft – Grip Size/Type

Don’t get us wrong, though… golf club fitting won’t make you a champion overnight, but it will improve your swing and general performance.


We are now using the SKYTRAK Launch monitor, which enables us to gain vital information for custom fittings. We can now put the RIGHT club in your hand, so you can get improved results, INSTANTLY!

We have a top quality hitting mat, installed by Grassify Marbella, and along with our Skytrak Launch monitor, enables us to offer a first class fitting service.

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