Performance Partners


As a PGA Professional myself, I understand the importance of taking regular lessons to either develop, maintain, or improve your technique.

Here at Golf City we have partnered with a few selected PGA Professional’s, based in the local area, who are dedicated coaches, with one aim in mind, to help with your game!

You will see over the coming weeks that our partners will be offering tips and advice on all aspects of the game. We shall share these on our social media, and on our dedicated golf blog page.

I you need some help, then these are the guys to get in touch with.For more information on each coach please visit our golf performance page on the website.

Those in the know only trust a PGA Pro!

Regards, Mario

Practice tip from Phil Tanham

May 2020

|Practice Tip|

By identifying these specific numbers you can start to spend more time on them during practice and begin simulating some on course situations.

This will increase your confidence heading into your next round and may lead to more greens in regulation!