Lockdown Learning Day 10

Do you play with your eyes closed?

A strange question, I’m sure! What I mean by this…

Lot’s of you will take lessons, watch videos, maybe
even read books ?, where you will quite often learn
a new TECHNICAL skill or movement, but how many
of you know how YOUR swing works????

Of course, we need to have technically sound swings,
and sometimes need technical adjustments to help us improve or get back on track, but from what I often see, is that players know what they think they should be doing, or what they are doing wrong, but have no idea why!!

We all have tendencies, quite often from when we first started,
or due to physical limitations, and you need to understand them, and know what to do when they appear, or to prevent them! It’s more important to understand how YOUR SWING works than to know what other players are doing in there swing!

To celebrate the re-opening of the shop (whenever that might be) I am offering the first five people who email mario@golfcitysports.com a FREE 30 minute swing assessment, using Skytrak, in our indoor hitting area.
First come, first served!! Let me help you understand your swing a little better…