Lockdown Learning Day 9

Using a variety of clubs around the green

I see a lot of players that are obsessed with lob wedges!!
“I have a 60 degree, but I need a 64 really”

This is what I hear, day in, day out!

My answer is usually along the lines of “Is your surname Mickelsen?”

People watch the TV Pro’s using lofted wedges around the green, but seem not to realise two key differences –

1.The rough is left much longer around the tournament courses to make it tougher for the professionals to get up and down.

2.The Pro’s practice the short game for HOURS and have done for YEARS. By putting the hours in, they know exactly how the ball will come off the clubface, the amount of spin, and know where they need to land the ball each time.

The majority of amateurs rarely practice, and when they do, they spend limited time on the short game, and that time is usually with a lob wedge!!

I would always recommend that you try chipping with different clubs in your bag. Each club will vary how much the ball lifts and runs, and if you reduce the amount of time the ball spends in the air, and therefore spins, it is a lot easier to gauge your distances. A less lofted club also requires a
shorter length of swing, so generally less can go wrong!

You can chip with any club in your bag, but 7,8,or 9 iron are ideal, then experiment with the putter, hybrid, or even a fairway wood!! (Tiger Woods and Justin Rose have famously used them with great success)

You carry all 14 clubs with you each time you play, so why not use some of them a little more. It might even save you some shots!!