The power of visualisation

Hopefully all of you will have developed a pre-shot routine that you use religiously before each shot you hit ? As part of this routine, do not underestimate the power of visualising the shot before you hit it. The amount of people who, when asked, do not do this, which for me is astounding!!

I always recommend at some point in your routine, you stand back behind the intended line of flight, and picture the ball flying exactly how you want it to – the start line, trajectory, shot shape, and watch it finish right on your intended target!

This will give you a confident feeling before setting up to play the shot you have just seen in your mind. All top players use this as part of their routine. Some even close their eyes, like Jason Day!

Remember, you can’t do all the things the worlds best players do, but you can do the simple things, so start by adding visualisation to your routine!