Are you playing the right course?

If you are a 20+ handicap player, but would love to play to 18 or less,your mental game is probably the only thing below par!

Golf is a difficult game, and when you are in your early years,players tend to try to force things to happen, when, really it’s quite a simple game. All you are trying to do is hit the ball around the course, using the skills that you have, in as few shots as possible.Most players think they are better than they actually are, and try things that they see on TV, or their lower handicap friends can pull off.

So let’s make it a little easier for you guys, let’s take the pressure off a little…

Create your OWN SCORECARD!!!

Change the Par on each hole to one more than it states on the card. So no more Par 3’s, Par 4’s become Par 5’s, and those never ending Par 5’s now become Par 6!!
By doing this, it changes your mindset. You now have two shots to get to that 220 yard Par 3.Instead of trying to force a fairway wood trying to get to the green, you can plan your way more effectively, and with less danger. The same happens on the longer holes…think about it, you now have three shots to get on/near those long Par 4’s, which mentally,is a much easier task, than getting there in two. Even if you have the odd three putt, I am sure you will sink the odd putt for par too, so all in all, I believe the score at the end should be a few shots less than normal, without the usual stress!!

Prepare yourself for your next game by making your own Par, and see where it gets you!