Lockdown Learning Day 4

Driver v’s 3 Wood


We all love to hit the driver, well I have some GREAT NEWS for driver lovers.

Although quite often you are recommended not to hit the driver from the tee, Data from 30 million shots by Shotscope users shows that we may as well hit the driver off the tee after all!!

Accuracy off the tee using DRIVER (% of fairways hit)

8 Handicap – 52%

14 Handicap – 46%

20 Handicap – 41%


Accuracy off the tee using 3 Wood

8 Handicap – 53%

14 Handicap – 48%

20 Handicap – 42%

You can see from the above that on average you only gain 1-2% in accuracy in using a 3 Wood over a driver off the tee, but what about the difference in distance?


Distance off the tee with Driver (Average)

8 Handicap – 242 yards (+28 yards more than 3 Wood)

14 Handicap – 222 yards (+28 yards more than 3 Wood)

20 Handicap – 213 yards (+18 yards more than 3 Wood)


Distance off the tee with 3 Wood (Average)

8 Handicap – 214 yards

14 Handicap – 194 yards

20 Handicap – 195 yards

So with nearly 30 yards extra distance with the driver, and only 1-2 % loss in accuracy over the 3 Wood, the stats suggest you pull out the driver and smash it down there!!

I would still suggest you pick and choose which holes to pull out the big stick on, but if you are in doubt, maybe choose a club that almost guarantees you hit the fairway.Either a hybrid, or even an iron!

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