Lockdown Learning- Day One


As you can see from the image, when club golfers miss the green,on average, 80% of the time, they are short of the green!! That is a staggering number….you think you know how far you hit each club??

The main reason for this is not taking enough club.
I always encourage players to take a club that with a good hit, will get you to the BACK of the green.Therefore a slight mishit should get you to the middle, and a bigger mishit, still on the front of the green! A poor strike is often a contributing factor, so taking an extra club will often help.

Other factors to take into account-

1.Lack of commitment to the shot also comes into play.
2.The type of clubs you are using may not be helping you.A shiny chrome finished blade may look great in the bag, but a more forgiving cavity backed iron might be more suitable for your game.
3.With all of the technology in the game today, you can easily find out EXACTLY how far you hit each club, just ask me how!

One final stat that backs up the recommendations, is that 72% of the trouble (sand/water) is placed at the front of the green, so with the other 28% behind the green, it’s often best to miss long!
(All data taken from Shotscope-with over 30 million shots recorded)
Take MORE Club, take LESS shots !!